Peerbagh murder case: Forensic report nails police story

Peerbagh murder case: Forensic report nails police story

BUDGAM: Much to the chagrin of police, the forensic report of the murder of an engineering student nailed several claims of the police investigators and raised doubts on the intent of police probe and its direction.

On Tuesday, after prolonged delay, police presented the forensic laboratory report before a court in Budgam along-with a supplementary charge sheet in the murder case of 21-year-old engineering student Owais Bashir Malik, whose body was found near Humhama railway track in January this year.

People protest at Peerbagh | Photo: Aqib Mir
People protest at Peerbagh | Photo: Aqib Mir

“The nature of the injury doesn’t suggest that the body of Owais was bitten by any dog or rodent. Owais has died of fatal bleeding and there was severe damage to his liver and lungs,” the 8-page forensic report, a copy of which is with Kashmir Reader, says.

The report refutes the police claim that Owais’s end came because of a fatal hit on his head.

“There is an internal injury on the head and it’s not because he has been repeatedly kicked. The injury has happened by being hit by a strong object like hammer or brick or something very strong,” a forensic expert, who was part of compiling the much-awaited report, said.

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Malik had gone missing on January 12 evening and his body was recovered on the morning of January 14 in a mutilated state by the side of the railway track near Humhama in Budgam district.

While police claimed that Owais died a few hours before his body was recovered, the forensic report indicates that his end has come barely eight hours after he went missing on January 12 evening.

“Owais died more than 8 hours after he went missing,” the expert said.

The report also nails police’s claims that the body was eaten by dogs and bone amputation happened due to dragging of the body. The report has not mentioned any involvement of dogs in the case.

“Nature of the injury and fractures around the shoulder do not suggest that,” the report says. “The deceased’s left ear has been missing from the base margin. And the ear has been chopped off. The right ear has also irregular cuts,” reads the report

The report also said that skin of the chest and neck was missing and there were clean cuts on that area.

“This indicates that a sharp weapon has been used (for the killing)”, the report prepared that involved investigations from radiology and histopathology departments, reads.

The forensic experts have found exposed ribs fractured at multiple places. Precisely, eight upper ribs were found to be fractured, exposing lungs and heart. The right lobe of the liver was found to be crushed.

The forensic report also mentions the burn marks on both thighs of the deceased.

“Thigh showed superficial, rectangular burn marks. The experts have recorded that they found multiple irregular abrasions over right thigh, grazed abrasions above and below right knee and over shin, besides above and below left knee and over lower part of the leg.”

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Interestingly, to corroborate the theory that Owais’s body was mutilated by stray dogs, police during the course of investigation had butchered a sheep on the railway track. The fresh blood attracted the animals and they pounced on the animal. However, in the forensic report there is no mention of dog saliva.