Mirwaiz stresses on unity to foil New Delhi’s tactics

Mirwaiz stresses on unity to foil New Delhi’s tactics

Hilal War opposes shutdowns

By Syed Asif Iqbal

Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, on Tuesday said that New Delhi and the pro-India politicians in Kashmir are “hell bent upon weakening Kashmiris economically and politically”.
He was speaking at a seminar ‘Shuhada Ka Khoon Zulm u Tashadud Pey Bari Hai – Ek Musalimah Hakeekat’ under the Hafta-e-Shahadat programme at the conglomerate’s Rajbagh office.
He stressed on unity among the leadership of Hurriyat and accused New Delhi of following divisive policies to divide Kashmiris on sectarian lines.
“It is a big challenge for us that a particular thought is being promoted to create divisions in our society. Unity among the leadership and the people will foil all these viscous plans of New Delhi aimed at weakening us politically, socially and economically,” Mirwaiz said.
Referring to the plan for composite townships for Pandits, the issue of sainik colonies, NEET, and new industrial policy of government, Mirwaiz said all these issues were “cleverly engineered” by New Delhi to damage the disputed character of Jammu and Kashmir.
“They are trying to weaken Kashmiris politically and economically,” he said.
Mirwaiz said that attempts were being made to divide Kashmiris on sectarian lines to weaken their resolve for the ongoing struggle.
“Many NGOs and organisations have been deployed in our society to execute vicious plans of New Delhi and promote a particular thought to divide us on sectarian lines,” he said.
Mirwaiz described unity among the pro-freedom leaders as the need of the hour.
He said leadership must evolve consensus over the united strategy to take the ongoing resistance movement to its logical end.
“Unity among the people will foil the designs all these conspiracies of the oppressors to crush our legitimate movement. We will never accept the suppressive and vicious tactics and all of us will fight such attempts in unison in future as well,” he said.
Praising the perseverance of people of Jammu and Kashmir, Mirwaiz said the people here are committed to the cause and India has failed to crush Kashmiris’ resolve with “suppression, aggression, curbs, detentions and killings”.
Appealing the people to make May 21 public rally at Martyrs Graveyard Eidgah a success, he said there would be complete shutdown in entire Kashmir on this day and the people of Kashmir will take a pledge at Martyrs Graveyard to take the mission of the martyrs to its logical conclusion.
Speaking on the occasion, Hurriyat (M) leader, Hilal Ahmad War, urged the Hurriyat leaders to abstain from the trend of strikes and shutdowns and try to find an alternative form of protest.
“Hartals have crippled our economy and have brought us destruction. It only deprives us from earning resources,” said War.

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