Dog bites KU student inside campus

Dog bites KU student inside campus

SMC’s solution: shut down canteens for sometime

By Saqib Mugloo

SRINAGAR: The municipal authorities’ inability to curb dog menace led to one more dog bite case on Monday. This time, the victim is a student of the University of Kashmir.
A girl student from the varsity’s Media Education Research Centre (MERC) department was bitten by a dog near the Proctor’s Office inside the campus.
“She was rushed to the varsity’s health centre for treatment,” Zaman, a student, said.
The university administration blamed the municipal authorities for not listening to their “repeated pleas” for acting against the dog menace.
“We requested the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) officials to avoid garbage dumping near the Maulana Rumi gate of the university. It has become a breeding ground for the dogs. But they do not cooperate with us,” the proctor, Dr Naseer Iqbal, said.
The SMC officials, however, said that they have been trying to find an alternative site for garbage dumping.
“Once we find a suitable location, we will use it for dumping the garbage. We are doing our best to end the dog menace,” SMC’s sanitation officer, Manzoor Taray, said.
Taray said the university should work on keeping the surroundings of its canteens clean.
“If possible, the university should shut down the canteens for some time to curb dog menace inside the campus,” he said.

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