‘Burhan not alone, Kashmir took care of him for past 2025 days’

‘Burhan not alone, Kashmir took care of him for past 2025 days’

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Srinagar: The father of Burhan Ahmad Wani, the pioneer of militancy’s newest tech-driven phase in Kashmir, has contradicted police claims that he was on his own now, saying that Burhan enjoyed the support of people of Kashmir who have sustained him since he left home to pick up arms.
“He (Burhan) is not on his own and never would be. He has the full support of Kashmiri people,” Muzaffar Ahmad Wani told Kashmir Reader on phone.
Commenting on Inspector General of Police (Kashmir range) Syed Javaid Mujtaba Geelani’s statement that Burhan was on his own as “all the colleagues of this young militant have been killed one after the other during the past few months,” Wani said that the people of Kashmir support Burhan.
“I don’t need to say anything to IGP or whosoever. It is quite evident that my son has huge public support,” he said.
“My son has not visited his home for the past six years. Tell me, who is looking after him? Who took care of him at the time when he was only a 10th standard student and picked up gun?” said Wani, who heads a senior secondary school in south Kashmir’s Tral area.
Wani said that around 2025 days have passed since his son Burhan left home, after he and his elder brother Khalid were harassed and beaten up by the government forces in 2010.
“This means Burhan had 4050 meals since then. Who provided him those meals?” he said.
He says that he is least bothered about someone’s statement, which was made with a sole intention to weaken his son. “Such statements could in no way deter the endeavour of my son as Allah is with him (Burhan).”
Wani says his son had taken up a noble cause to bring freedom for the people of Kashmir from the tentacles of Indian occupation but he is not the only person who has thrown weight behind the Kashmiri struggle.
“Lakhs of Kashmiri people are aspiring for the same goal but in different ways,” he said.
“You should not put freedom on the shoulders of Burhan only as majority of Kashmiris are struggling for it,” he said.
Wani, taking pride in his son’s endeavours, said that he himself had chosen a teaching profession to serve the people though his son took an altogether different way of serving them.
“Being a father, I am concerned about the safety of my lad and wish that he remains alive for long, so I always pray for his safety.”
Wani, however, doesn’t negate the imminence of death to his son. “Whether the sun of freedom rises or not, is not the issue for me. But I hope if my son offers sacrifice some day, he must re-enter his and my home as a martyr,” senior Wani said.
“Allah has set a calendar of death for everyone. When Burhan’s day comes I wish he goes as a martyr,” he said.

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  1. Saqib   May 17, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Sad to see more than 7 lalk Indian dogs occupying Kashmir laden with sophisticated arms are fearing a youngman having a single AK-47….. isn’t it a big shame for them…!
    How if majority joins him in his endeavor…? Then these dogs have to bring in their wives as well to support them so that they may not urinate while even someone even mentions the name(s) of Kashmiri Freedom fighters.