To an IAS officer with love

My dear Kashmiri IAS officer,

In the light of the most recent frenzy that our unfortunate society has fallen into, after attempts at institutionalization of medical and engineering professions as the mainstay interest in many educated families, you have achieved what many have dreamt. You, my dear IAS officer, are now an administrator of the people representing a regime that has perpetuated violence right down to the lowest echelons of our social structure. If, I may say without pretentiousness, you are now officially the instrument of an occupation which has made such other forms of political, social and economic subjugation look modest.
In the eyes of many you are an inspiration now, but those who have seen the real face of this occupation know about your forthcoming role as manipulating the masses aimed at sanctifying the ‘status quo’. Congratulations, you have grown into a deterrent to the change which you so cherished in the recent past.
This success comes to you at a time when our people are reeling under severe repression as they have gained a new consciousness of the ideas of freedom, liberty, integrity and social justice. Voices are being raised in every corner of the world against the injustices that have been done and are being perpetuated on the natives of our country. Though still in its budding stage, this revolution of the mind, directed against the virulent system of which you are both the veneer and visage now, could have used your secretarial capacities but your accomplishments have taken you beyond the petty concerns of the incapacities that we as a people may suffer. No, I will not sulk over the waste of your talent; it will be put to ‘good’ use by the people enforcing the occupation of our land. And, insofar as our incompetence is concerned, there will always be others ready to take charge.
In future, not only will the expectation from you be the use of your services and ‘talent’ for the purpose of the continuation of this bloody occupation, but it will also be binding upon you to crush voices that fight injustice. In doing so, you will eventually find yourself detached from your own people and will find association within circles of power wielding inhumane brutes who will further hone your services to their own ends.
Your policy-subservient clerical endeavors will more than often involve the use of force which will be directed at ‘taming’ the people of my country. While pursuing such ventures, remember that you once owed kinship to these people, a kinship that has its roots in the soil of our land, kinship that you have abandoned as a result of your collaboration with the foreign occupying system.
A positive of this your achievement might as well be your being a fragment of this oligarchic system, it  may cause you to come to terms with the reality of it and experience first-hand the methods through which the legitimization of this occupational, imposed sovereignty is being achieved. It may reason you to review your allegiance, but that, on my part, is perhaps pure speculation. Our experience you see! You may, like many before, enjoy the perks of the job, part of which is also affording a certain aloofness from your own reality.
The menacing nature of the situation can be understood by the fact that while you rejoice in the vile validity of your newly achieved position, the force of the system has already co-opted you into a process always busy in denial of truth and justification of the military occupation that is Kashmir today.
As I write this letter, there are many who are celebrating an ‘intellectual fever’ which they measure as corresponding to an increasing number of Kashmiris in the occupational bureaucratic ranks. They ought to know better, as you must know by now that such associations of deceit require only moderate intelligence and a highly collaborationist character.

Anonymous Kashmiri