KU students protest 200% hike in fee

SRINAGAR: Students in Kashmir University on Monday were up in arms against the authorities for what they were referring as out of the trend and unjustified hike in their examination fees by about 200 percent.

Earlier, the students would pay Rs 1150 as the examination fees, but as per the new order now they are required to pay Rs 3375 twice the amount they would pay earlier.

The outraged students protested against the hike and demanded immediate withdrawal of the orders which they say, “is unfair and unjustified burden for the students who belong to the economically weaker or middle class section of the society.”

The students gathered outside the Vice chancellors office and raised slogans against the fee hike. “The vice Chancellor should come out and talk to us and give assurance that the fee hike will be reverted”, the protesting students demanded.

Earlier on May 12 students had staged the protest against fee hike, but despite assurances by the authorities, nothing happened on ground which led the students today to come out in protest again.