Koul’s comment baseless, says Er Rasheed

SRINAGAR: MLA Langate Engineer Rasheed on Sunday termed BJP state general secretary Ashok Koul’s comment about Kashmir needing Indian industrialists as “baseless”.
“BJP claims that valley has limited resources are baseless. If they (BJP) are sincere they should return back the power projects, allow tourist sector in border areas to flourish and allow the Jammu and Kashmir to use resources independently to compensate the losses, state has been suffering on account of Indus-Water Treaty,” Rasheed said during a public meet at Khahipora and Chogal area of Handwara on Sunday.
“If this happens, Jammu and Kashmir can have much better economy than any other state and won’t need to go around with a begging bowl,” he said, adding, “If BJP is so concerned let it allow access to Kashmiri fruit to central Asia and European markets via Muzzaffarabad rather than lying  that Kashmiris don’t have resources.”
Er Rasheed also rejected the claims that in composite townships Muslims and Sikhs will also be settled.
“If government makes claims that situation has returned to normalcy in Kashmir, then why should it still insist for composite townships, unless there is not a hidden agenda behind it,” he said.
BJP state general secretary Ashok Koul had on Saturday said, “The Valley has limited resources therefore, it needs a large scale investment and that is possible only if big industrial houses from outside state are allowed to invest here.”