Protest held against government’s plan to make Sopore ‘Tanga-free’

Protest held against government’s plan to make Sopore ‘Tanga-free’

SOPORE: Tanga Association of the persons operating horse-carts in Sopore, Baramulla, protested on Thursday against the government’s plan to make the north Kashmir town ‘Tanga-free’.
Led by their chairman Mohammad Ramzan Shalla, the members of the association marched from the office of the Sub-District Magistrate Sopore to the Bus Stand. The protesters were raising slogan against the authorities concerned.
Shalla told Kashmir Reader that the move would hit the livelihood of the people who come from the underprivileged sections of the society.
“If they are going to stop us from operating horse-carts in the town, how are we supposed to make a living?” he asked.
“Horse-carts have been here for generations, and no government ever interfered in this matter. If the ruling coalition goes ahead with its plan, it will have to face massive protests from us.”
The residents question the rationale behind the move, as the authorities appear to be making no other effort to streamline vehicular traffic in the town.
Ghulam Nabi, a resident of Sopore, said: “If the government is serious, it shall first deploy traffic policemen at Sopore.”
“The government must provide an alternate means of livelihood to the people who would be affected by the move,” he added.
Executive officer of Municipal Committee Sopore said the decision to limit the use of horse-carts in the town was taken in view of the mess caused by them.
“They are a reason of traffic jams and filth in the town,” he said, adding that there were only 56 registered horse-carts in the town.
The sub-district magistrate Sopore, Bashir Ahmad, said the order has been issued by his higher-ups.
“As per the order, only the horse-carts registered with the Municipal Committee will be allowed to operate. The unregistered ones cannot operate,” he said.

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  1. AFROZ   May 13, 2016 at 10:52 am

    The trend around the world is to return to the means those r eco friendly, closer to nature and tradition. The so called better world is encouraging cycling. For the sake of future generations lesser the number of fossil vehicles better for environment and traffic management. The Tanga-ride in sopor and elsewhere should continue to function of course following the law of registration, proper parking, management of horse-shit and the cart.


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