Key US lawmakers unwilling to back Pak military aid: official

Washington: Key American lawmakers are not prepared to support US giving military aid to Pakistan without “some specific actions” by that country in combating terrorism, the Obama administration has said.

“Key members of Congress have been clear they’re not prepared to support US military aid to Pakistan absent some specific actions,” State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters.

Trudeau, however, would not say what specific actions US lawmakers want Pakistan to take before they can support the military aid.

“I would direct you to Congress, those specific members, for anything further on their position. As always, we are committed to working with Congress to deliver security assistance to our partners and allies. It furthers US goals by building capacity to meet shared security challenges,” she said.

Asked if the State Department is willing to certify that Islamabad is taking enough action against the Haqqani network, Trudeau said: “We’ve spoken about our views on Haqqani quite a bit as well as what we view Pakistan needs to do.”

She said Pakistan has said they would not discriminate against militant groups.