Govt to review new industrial policy

Govt to review new industrial policy

Allays fears over dilution of state’s special status after reports that non-state subjects will be leased more land

SRINAGAR: Just two months after the governor NN Vohra approved the new industrial policy in Jammu and Kashmir, the PDP-led government on Thursday  called for the review of the policy before its implementation after raising questions over some its provisions.

Naeem Akhtar addressing reporters | Photo: Faisal Khan
Naeem Akhtar addressing reporters | Photo: Faisal Khan

Government spokesman and chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s lieutenant Naeem Akhtar told reporters that the government has asked industries department to submit the provisions that need to be reviewed.
“The chief minister and the deputy chief minister told me to convey that there will be a review of the entire policy and the Cabinet will take a final decision on it,” Naeem said.
Asked whether the policy would allow non-state subjects to acquire land on lease for industrial purposes, Akhtar said, “No harm would be done to the state’s special status.”
He did not brief about the provisions that he said will be reviewed.
It has been reported that the new industrial policy was silent on the upper ceiling of the land to be leased out to non-state subjects.
“We do not want that perception to prevail that we are diluting the state’s special position, its special features, constitutional guarantees or legal position,” Akhtar said.
“The government of PDP and BJP is very firm and we have put it in our Agenda for Alliance that these are basic to our purpose of forming the alliance and the government. There will be no harm done to the special position of Jammu and Kashmir.”
The government has decided to make the policy more comprehensive, broad-based and inclusive.
He said the main objective of the Industrial Policy will be to rejuvenate the industrial sector in the State that will not only provide new jobs but take the state to the next level of economic development through expanded industrial activity.

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