Authorities approach GMC for action against doctors prescribing banned drugs

Authorities approach GMC for action against doctors prescribing banned drugs

Show-cause notice served to two chemists

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Drug and Food Control Organisation (DFCO) on Tuesday approached the Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar for action against the doctors prescribing banned drugs, even as two chemists have been served show-cause notice.
A team of DFCO officials approached GMC principal’s office with the appeal, after two chemists at Karan Nagar here were found selling banned drugs that were prescribed to patients by the doctors at SMHS Hospital.
Drug Inspector Sajad Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that his team inspected the drug stores to verify the complaints about sale of drugs banned recently by the Health Ministry of India.
The Ministry banned 344 drugs combinations in March this year. The list includes many commonly-used, over-the-counter syrups and antibiotics.
The team, he said, checked prescriptions of the patients who had come to buy medicines.
“The patients had been prescribed drugs that are banned. We asked one of them to ask the doctor to change the drug, but she was again prescribed a banned medicine by the medico,” the inspector said.
“The DFCO issued show-cause notice to the two chemists, and has approached the principal GMC for action against the doctors who are openly prescribing these banned drugs.”
Assistant drug inspector Dilshada, who was a part of the team, said: “We have already made the chemists to return banned drugs worth Rs 3 crore, but the sale cannot stop unless doctors give up prescribing these drugs. There is a nexus between the doctors and the chemists.”

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