An open letter to BSNL Kashmir

By Yasir Altaf Zargar 
It’s unfortunate that the BSNL in Kashmir is in a shambles. The unsatisfactory services provided by the department have deceived hundreds of its customers. Right from the north to the south, east or west of Kashmir there is no place where BSNL services are considered satisfactory.  The bad network coverage as well as the rude behaviour of its employees has pushed thousands of BSNL customers to migrate to other networks.
Being a management student, I have a little information regarding business life cycle, its turning worst in the middle that the product as well as service is facing decline. Being a good telecommunication company in past, BSNL is losing ground fast. Take the example of broadband services provided by this public sector company in past, in my opinion, used to be much satisfactory than it is today. Presently BSNL faces criticism across Kashmir for charging high rates and providing a poor network service. On an average, in a week BSNL services shutdown for more than a day. Last month, the network was on No-service mode for more than week in many areas. I have seen how the customers were distressed, when during a call their voice fails to reach the other side. And, when it does the voice quality is so bad that it can frustrate no end.
Neither the mobile networks are working well nor is the broadband internet service showing any improvement. The incessant rise in prices of broadband plans is quite disturbing. The BSNL service is not showing any improvement in most areas, be it by providing good speed broadband connections, reducing call bouncing, network congestion, and improvement in voice clarity.
It’s unfortunate to see the working of the department is turning into a fiasco. This government sector company is in fact shattered and is failing in keeping up to date with new technology. Contrary to a commercial service provider’s basic instincts, the BSNL is forcing its subscribers to shift to other, better performing networks. It’s hilarious to see, for a high speed plan a person is getting low speed that too of a bad bellow average quality.
For every company customer satisfaction is paramount. A good feedback by a customer can attract many other customers towards any product or a service. But in BSNL, the customer feedback system is of no use. The customer support system is annoying. It is hard to get through to a customer executive in BSNL. And when you do, instead of the executive explaining the problem, many customers complain the caller is put on hold for ever with no solution for a problem forthcoming.
The local BSNL outlets are often closed. Whenever a customer tries to contact them for any sort of help, either they show out-dated stock or they show no response. Neither the employees of the franchise outlets, nor the branch heads give appear taking any interest to work for the satisfaction of the customers.
For every business, marketing of a service or a product is of utmost importance, but it can never be effectively done unless feedback for the services offered is first genuinely sought and then sincerely processed for the sole purpose of improving the services. A business needs to analyse the social and customer response from the environment in which it operates its services. Successful marketing should mean fulfilling the needs and expectations of the people as much as also fulfilling the goals of organization. But the BSNL marketing department is chaotic and confusing to its customers. Unwanted calls during prayer time and some obscene messages are serving perplexity and quandary to the users.
It’s high time that BSNL in Kashmir started focusing delivering a quality service, one it charges its customers for. The company is reached a stage that it might need a complete overhaul of its functioning so that services could be improved. This will help in earning more profit as well a good customer satisfaction which is otherwise attempted only through charging for less than satisfactory services.
As said by some marketing experts “Customer is a king”. To fulfill the needs and wants of a customer must be the first priority of an organisation.
In order to increase demand of service, the price has an important impact on it, that’s what elasticity of demand means.  Rather than providing good and better service, BSNL in Kashmir appears to be only increasing the rates. The high rates for poor BSNL services are pushing the customers to migrate to any other network in order to get value for their money.
The BSNL should ponder over its workings sooner than later, else the time is no far when the it will face a shutdown situation.
—The writer is a web security analyst and he can be contacted at

3 Responses to "An open letter to BSNL Kashmir"

  1. prasanna   June 3, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    All of the networks, Bsnl is worst one . when compare to other networks it is high cost but no usage to customers.

  2. ******   May 20, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    Same problems we are facing from Bemina, Srinagar.
    I have issues with my broadband . BSNL claims 2mbps , wish I could get only 1mbps. And I’m on Rs 1445. Now you can guess how frustrated I’m right now.
    Main problem is they are only who does broadband service in the valley . Tried to complaint many times they don’t even give a s**t.

  3. altaf   May 10, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    is ki present example handwara hai jahan last 3 days se bsnl service bandh padi hai.