Society of Dental Surgeons hails government

SRINAGAR: The Society of Dental Surgeons J&K (SDSJK) on Sunday hailed Jammu and Kashmir government for corresponding to the Directorate of Health Services’ proposal of creation of new Dental Surgeons posts in the state.
In a statement, issued to media, SDSJK appreciated the efforts of Health and Medical Education Minister Bali Bhagat, MoS Health Asiea Naqash and Commissioner Secretary H&ME Dr M K Bhandari for sending the proposal. “The society has been and corresponding for the need of creating Dental Surgeon posts for a long time now. We hope a good number of posts will be created for the betterment of the fraternity (dental) and improvement of oral health care,” President SDSJK Dr Imtyaz Banday said.
“The Oral Health care of the state is crippled and such steps will definitely address the crisis,” he added.
While underlining their demands for upgrading the number of DS in District Hospital from 2 to 6, in SDH from 1 to 3, Create Dental Surgeon Posts in all newly constructed NTPHC’s wherein Medical Officer posts have been already created and filling up all the vacancies, he said, “Dental Surgeons to unite and work hard for appealing Govt. to work on this grave issue in a time limited frame.”