Bar, KCSDS warn govt over settlement proposals

Bar, KCSDS warn govt over settlement proposals

SRINAGAR: The Bar Association of Kashmir and Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) in a joint press conference on Saturday here warned Jammu and Kashmir government against the proposals of establishing Sainik colonies and providing shelters to non-local subjects in the state.
Reacting sharply against the proposals like establishing Sainik Colonies and shelters to the non-local subjects in the state, the speakers described them as ‘‘treacherous proposals aiming at inflicting a body blow to the state’s demographics and on the psyche of its people.”
They strongly warned government if it gives go ahead signal to the “treacherous” proposals.
Sainik Colonies issue
Mentioning issue of Sainik Colonies, they said that the plan of constructing pandit enclaves is “highly deplorable” and must be thwarted immediately.
President Bar Association Kashmir, Mian Abdul Qayoom compared the proposed settlements with that of Israel in state of Palestine.
“We strongly warn government against the implementation of these treacherous and illegitimate plans which are aimed at legitimizing the illegal settlements,” he said.
Chairperson KCSDS, Hameeda Nayeem said that it is the worst kind of charade government is playing on the wounded psyche of Kashmir besides diluting the state subject law, adding, “It is a political move to ‘hinduise’ Kashmir and create communal balkanization in Valley.”
“We warn this government to stop the implementation of these conspiratorial proposals meant to hurt the Kashmiris extremely,” she said.
The communal settlements, she said, is aiming at “keeping Kashmir in a perpetual state of war to provide ammunition for BJP-RSS in the politics of whole of India.”
Shelters to the local and non-local subjects
The speakers said that “it is in common knowledge that there are no homeless persons in Jammu & Kashmir and even the poorest have a shelter in Kashmir.”
“Viewed this way, the project is yet another attempt to drill a hole in the state subject law of the state under the garb of so-called humanitarian concern,” they said.
In reality, they said, it is part of the state machinations to settle outsiders in the state to change its demographics.
They said that the project is “masquerade for diluting the state subject law by settling outside labour force, stray visitors in the state.”

Reacting to the Supreme Court order on Medicals exams, they said that the implementation of National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) order is the direct attack on the special status of the state and is forcibly sought to be implemented here.”
They said that if the process of selection to medical colleges is left with Indian authorities, our students will suffer “worst type of discrimination.”
“We are already witnessing our students being tortured in Indian colleges and Universities on flimsy grounds like cheering for their favourite cricket teams or consumption of non-vegetarian food,” Nayeem said.
She said that we won’t put their sons & daughters to risk in the company of “fanatics” which could adversely affect their physical and mental health.
“Illegal” confinement of Handwara girl
Qayoom, castigated the “illegal confinement” of Handwara girl and police surveillance on her family and herself.
“Why is not that girl let free to go to school?  Instead of arresting the killers of innocent civilians the government lodged FIR’s against the innocent locals in Handwara,” Qayoom said.
He said that the girl continues to be under “illegal” confinement in one way or the other since the incident happened.
“One can imagine the fairness of government probe by the fact that the Magisterial Inquiry would be carried out by the same person who once said that someone from the crowd fired (the bullet) first.”
Qayoom said that everyone section in Kashmir is demanding that there should be an independent, fair and an impartial probe into the Handwara incident but nobody is listening to them.
He said it is time for people to stand-up and degrade all these plans of New Delhi and state government.
Bar will file a review petition in the high court against the order dismissing plea for judicial probe in Handwara civilian killings, Qayoom said.

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