NHPC in Jammu & Kashmir
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Srinagar: NHPC Limited is India’s premier hydropower company and a ‘Mini Ratna’ Category-I Enterprise of the Government of India. The state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is extremely important for NHPC and the country for point of view of hydropower potential in the state. NHPC has been associated with J&K for nearly four decades since it was first handed over 345 MW Salal-I Project for construction. Since then there has been no looking back for NHPC and J&K has proved to be a most crucial location for NHPC and has played a very vital role in making NHPC the largest player in hydropower in the central sector today. At present in J&K, NHPC has invested Rs 18,874 crore in 7 operating power stations having an aggregate installed capacity of 2009 MW and 330 MW project under construction. Projects of 2964 MW are under various stages of clearance including one 1000 MW project that has received all clearances and about to commence construction.
The long association of NHPC with J&K has forged a strong relationship of goodwill between the local people of J&K and NHPC. Over the years NHPC has not only developed the hydro power potential in J&K, but also provided the 12% free power of its total generation from J&K State as well as water usage charges. On account of these, NHPC has paid J&K Government totaling about Rs. 6479 Crores. NHPC has generated employment opportunities directly and indirectly and has also undertaken several developmental initiatives under its Corporate Social Responsibility – Sustainable Development (CSR-SD) scheme. NHPC’s commitment towards environment ensures protection and development of natural resources in the vicinity of all its units in J&K.

Contribution towards development of hydropower
Today NHPC has commissioned seven Hydroelectric Projects in J&K, thereby adding 2009 MW installed capacity to the state. These projects include Salal Stage-I & Stage-II (690 MW), Uri-I (480 MW), Dulhasti (390 MW), Sewa-II (120 MW), Uri-II (240MW), Chutak (44 MW) and Nimoo-Bazgo (45 MW). Further, Kishanganga (330 MW) Hydroelectric Project is in advance stage of construction. The Detailed Project Report for Bursar Hydroelectric Project (800MW) is under preparation. NHPC, JKSPDC and PTC have promoted a JV Company named “Chenab Valley Power Projects Pvt. Limited” entered into a MoU for implementation of Pakal Dul, Kiru and Kawar Hydroelectric projects aggregating to installed capacity of about 2164 MW in the State.

Free power to J&K
J&K receives 12% free power royalty from each of the seven power stations of NHPC operating in the state. During the last 23 years the seven operational power stations of NHPC have provided 17659 Million Units of Electricity equivalent to Rs 3314 crore in value upto 2015-16.

Free power towards local area development fund
NHPC Power Stations also contribute 1% free power towards Local Area Development Fund. Since 2010-11, NHPC has contributed 68.49 MUs of free power having value of Rs 31.15 crore towards Local Area Development Fund.

Water usage charge paid by NHPC to J&K government
NHPC has made a total payment of Rs 3164.95 crore (upto 30.09.15) to J&K towards water usage charges.

NHPC investment in J&K
Since it began its operations, NHPC has invested more than Rs 18874 crore in the state which includes Rs 14814 crore towards seven operating power stations and Rs 4050 crore invested towards execution of Kishanganga and Bursar projects. The investments made by NHPC have brought about positive impact on the lives of people of J&K.

NHPC’s CSR-SD activities in J&K
Apart from development of hydropower, NHPC has undertaken several developmental initiatives in the fields of healthcare, education, rural development, women/ senior citizen empowerment, promotion of arts & culture, sports etc. under its CSR-SD Scheme. These have included activities as free medical camps, vocational training, promoting local festivals, constructing toilets, installing solar lights, free medicines to locals, civil works as construction of footpath, solar lighting etc. that have led to overall development in the areas located near NHPC units in J&K. Since FY 2010-11 NHPC has spent a total of Rs 25.64 crore (upto FY 2015-16) under various CSR-SD activities across its various locations in J&K.
Under the Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan of Govt. of India, NHPC has constructed a total of 477 toilets across various Govt. Schools in the vicinity of its locations in J&K. NHPC has spent over Rs 684 lakhs towards this initiative in the state.

Employment generation
Employment opportunities have been generated by NHPC with the execution of hydroelectric project across J&K. NHPC has recruited a total of 1370 people from J&K as regular employees in both its Executive and Workmen cadre across its locations in J&K. It has further indirectly employed 1195 local people through its contractors. The establishment of NHPC residential colonies further creates numerous work and business opportunities to the local people for meeting daily necessities/ services as grocery requirements, house-hold items, tailoring etc.