Family rejoices as missing boy comes home after 14 years

SRINAGAR: There is a state of happiness, for the first time in 14 years, in Abdul Rashid Khan’s family, after their missing son, Adil Khan, now 29, returned home on Tuesday evening.
Khan, a resident of Hamdaniya colony Bemina, was just 16 when he went missing on the 4th Eid in 2002. He had left home on a five-day trip to Delhi with a friend but was never seen after that. Khan’s mother, Hameeda told Kashmir Reader that Adil’s return was ‘a miracle’.
“I take it as a gift from Allah. My son disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The family searched every nook and corner, but in vain. I even sought out after peers and fakirs, but lost hope in them after nothing happened. Then I left him to Allah; and here is the result of the hope I reposed in Him.”
On April 16, a doctor from the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Pune contacted a local police to inform that Khan was undergoing treatment for mental ailments in the hospital. The police, along with the family, located Khan in a mental asylum in Pune, Maharashtra.
She said her son had been undergoing treatment for memory loss at the hospital since 2010. A few days before being found, Adil partially regained memory and told the doctors at Pune where he was from. Yet, the jubilant family doesn’t ask too many questions, as doctors have advised them against it.
“Initially, he remembered his name, then the place of his residence, then the names of his family members. He also told doctors the name of his school, but he does not remember how he landed in hospital. We are only told that he was handed over to the hospital by the Maharashtra police,” Hameeda says.
Adil’s family, for now, is enjoying every moment. When a relative or friend visits, they ask Adil to identify the visitor. A correct answer adds to the jubilance.
However, Adil, in turn, also asks some questions of his family. “When he went missing, we lived in Batamaloo. A few years later we shifted to Bemina. He often asks to take him back to his old home and considers the new house a hotel!” says Nusrat, Adil’s sister.