Handwara: Girl’s parents accuse cops of abusing her in custody

Ask police to lift their siege and let girl move court; mother says she was pressured into declaring the minor 20 years old

Srinagar: The parents of the Handwara minor girl, who is at the centre of a controversy that led to the killing of five people at the hands of army and police, asked the police to set her free from their detention, allow her to attend court and let her speak freely about the incidents.
Speaking to reporters at the office of the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, they also accused the police of slapping and abusing the girl at the police station.
“Her video was recorded under pressure at the police station when none of us was present. The police have curtailed our movement and we are under their surveillance,” said girl’s father.
“When the incident happened, the police called me and told me that I should come over and take her home. I went to the station along with my sister-in-law. Both of us were detained there. The cops abused and spat at us,” he said.
The father said the policemen in civvies deployed outside his home prevent them from attending court.
“My daughter wants to record her statement before the court. I don’t need security cover. The girl wanted to come to court yesterday but we were not allowed,” he said, adding he faces no threat from any person.
“My brother and other relatives are in Handwara,” he said.
The parents said a rumour is doing the rounds that they have taken Rs 30 lakh to hush the case up. “We challenge them to prove it,” he said.
The girl’s mother said her daughter was 16 years old but the police pressurised her to declare that she was 20 years old.