Warikhah health centre: Where 1 BUMS doctor, 2 assistants work in place of required 19-member staff

Baramulla: The Primary health Centre at Warikhah, Boniyar, in Baramulla district has been without staff since it was set up about six years ago.
The facility was established by upgrading a local sub-centre in 2010. The pronounced aim was to provide better healthcare to the people in the frontier area.
But six years down the line, the hospital continues to operate without proper, enough staff.
The hospital is being run by three-member staff including a BUMS doctor and a paramedic. The trio handles patients during daytime, while the round-the-clock facility has no one available to receive the patients after dusk.
The hospital doesn’t have equipments for X-Ray and other necessary medical examination of patients.
The sorry state of affairs at the hospital has enraged the locals.
“There is no facility available for patients here. People from Limber, Bimyar, Warikhah, Babagail, Petgam, Pringal, Nowshera, and other areas visit the hospital everyday for treatment, but they are forced to go elsewhere for medical help,” Farid Ahmad Khan, a local, said.
“The hospital has no doctors and equipment to help the patients. The two-storey building of the hospital so poorly maintained that one can see birds and stray dogs inside at anytime of the day.”
The block medical officer concerned, Dr Mohammad Asif, admitted that the hospital has staff issues. He said the hospital needs four doctors, including a gynecologist, and 15 paramedics for operating properly.
“But it is not the only hospital in the state without staff,” he said. “Other hospitals in my jurisdiction also have a dearth of staff. You can imagine how I may be managing the things.”

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