Ice Skating Association of India elects governing body

Jeelani Wani elected as vice president

NEW DELHI: Ghulam Jeelani Wani has been elected as vice president of Ice Skating Association of India as (ISAI) on Wednesday elected its governing body for a period of four years.
The elections to constitute the executive council for ISAI were held under the supervision of an observer from Indian Olympics Association (IOA) here.
R K Gupta was elected as president ISAI. Ghulam Jeelani Wani and Vinay Vibahkar were voted as vice presidents of the Association.
Among the other officer bearers Bhavesh Bhanga was elected as Secretary, Rohit Chopra as Treasurer, Praveen Sharma and Vivek Bhasin were elected as Joint Secretaries.
Wani who, besides a skier, works as General Manager for a local daily in Kashmir.

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