Assam MP rides a horse to Parliament

New Delhi: With a section of parliamentarians expressing displeasure against the odd-even car-rationing scheme, BJP MP Ram Prasad Sarmah on Wednesday chose a rather bizzare way to register his protest as he rode a horse on way to Parliament.

The Tezpur Lok Sabha MP’s token protest was however, curtailed by policemen, who made him dismount near Rail Bhawan and escorted him on foot to Parliament building.

Sarmah riding the horse, rented for the occasion, from his North Avenue residence, attracted attention of passers-by.

As he was stopped by cops near Rail Bhawan, traffic came to a halt as everyone sought to enquire about the matter.

The MP said he had chosen the horse to commute to Parliament House as he owned an even-numbered car which was not allowed on the odd date.

“It is my way of protesting the odd-even rule implemented by Kejriwal government in Delhi which is causing problems to everyone,” he said.

Sarmah alleged the scheme has led to “harassement” of people as taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers wetre overcharging.

“A large number of people from different states visit Delhi for various reasons. They cannot enter the city if their vehicles violate the odd-even rule. Does the government expect them to bring two cars while coming to Delhi,” he said.

A senior police officer said Sarmah was stopped by policemen near Rail Bhawan close to the Parliament without citing any rules under which it was done.

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