Srinagar: MeT predicts partly cloudy sky on Tuesday

SRINAGAR: The meteorological department has on Monday predicted dry weather over the state for the coming week.

According to the regional weather official,”The sky is likely to be partly cloudy in the city (Srinagar) on Tuesday.”

“Weather will be mainly dry over the state for few days now,” a MeT official told Kashmir Reader, adding that the maximum and minimum temperature in Srinagar on Tuesday is likely to hover around 22 degrees and 6 degrees celsius respectively.

Similarly, in Jammu the temperatures are likely to be 37 and 20 degrees whereas in Leh it will be 15 and 2 degrees celsius respectively.

On Monday, Srinagar saw a maximum temperature of 22.5 degrees celsius, one notch below the normal temperature while as Jammu and Leh saw temperatures of 36.3 and 14.4 degrees celsius respectively.

Levels of humidity at 5:30 pm in Srinagar and Jammu were 39 and 17 percent respectively.

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