Rise against plunder of JK’s resources: Jama’at

SRINAGAR: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir on Saturday said there is a need to counter the “state-sponsored ill-motivated, anti-people planning, and exploitative schemes and agreements that have led to the worsening situation in the state”.
Jama’at spokesperson, advocate Zahid Ali, appealed the well-wishers of the society to come together and fight plundering of the natural resources of Jammu and Kashmir.
He said the government of India (GoI) is plundering the natural resources of Jammu and Kashmir while as the people of this state suffer for want of basic necessities of life.
“This state needs about 2600 MW of power, out of which the local power corporation generates only 750 MW. Rest of the demand is fulfilled from buying it from the NHPC which itself is generating about 2009 MW of electricity from the water resources of J&K,” he said.
He said New Delhi’s deliberate plan to deprive Kashmiris of their basic amenities can easily be gauged from the data of the power-generation here. “This state is rich in water resources which can be utilised for not only generation of hydroelectric power but for other resources as well.”
The spokesperson alleged that most of the departments in J&K are controlled and manned by the bureaucrats having negative attitude towards people who “create hurdles in the developmental plans benefiting the local population”. “The lower rung local bureaucrats are too addicted to corruption to think about the people’s welfare. Those who are honest are too weak to have an effective say in their related policy matters.”
“A considerable number of businessmen are also involved in deceptive trade practices for their vicious self interests and are hand in glove with the outside manufacturers thereby providing sub-standard food items on exorbitant rates to the local people without any checks and measures. The local administration instead of stopping these malpractices is encouraging such elements in lieu of illegal gratifications,” he alleged.
In these circumstances, Zahid said, the common people suffer at all the levels.

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