Cops search for polytechnic warden’s husband caught peeping into girls’ bathroom

Cops search for polytechnic warden’s husband caught peeping into girls’ bathroom

Srinagar: Police have launched a search for the husband of the warden of the Government Polytechnic for Women, Bemina, after a few girls complained that they found him peeping into the hostel bathroom where a girl was having a bath.
“For a long time we suspected that someone has been following us in the hostel. On Thursday afternoon we caught our warden’s husband Ashiq Hussain red handed,” a hosteller told Kashmir Reader.
“Standing on a tool, he was peeping into the hostel’s common washroom where my friend was bathing. We raised an alarm and then informed the police,” she added.
Following the incident, the students boycotted the classes on Friday and protested the whole day, demanding stern punishment to the accused.
The warden, along with her husband and two children, has been residing at the girl’s hostel for the past nine years.
The students complained that when they had raised the issue with the administration, they were told, “This is a petty issue.”
To pacify students, the administration shifted the warden’s family to another building.
“Initially administration tried to hush-up the case, however, we then intensified our protest they called the police who assured us they will file an FIR against that man,” another hosteller said.
Principal Shafqat Ara said, “It’s not a big issue.”
At the same time, she said, she came to the hostel at 8pm to calm the students.
Division officer at Bemina Police Post said the police have started investigation into the girl’s complaint and started a search for the accused.
The students said that male workers often use girls’ washroom and roam around in the campus.
At present, there are six male employees working in the hostel premises, the girls said.
“The workers are present here all the time and they have indulged in such activities in the past,” said a girl student.
On the other hand, the girls alleged that they are not allowed to meet their family members when they come to visit them in the hostel.
Experts say violation of hostel rules could make the warden as well as the administration liable to disciplinary action, including termination or permanent expulsion from the hostels. Allowing male members into the premises is one such violation.
Priya Singh, noted Delhi-based lawyer, says, “Male employees can work in the hostel during working hours but they are not supposed to use girl’s washroom or go into their rooms at all. Violation of hostel rules can lead to the termination of the particular employee or the warden if the privacy or security of girls residing there is threatened.” (with inputs from Tashafi nazir)

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  1. Sadiqa   April 26, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Non-hostelers must support the hostel students and boycott the classes so that administration stops the highhandedness and respects the students privacy and honor.


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