Lost in the dazzling life of the material world, infatuated by the colourful components of the cosmos, absorbed into the short-lived sensual tastes of life, when mankind grows ungrateful towards its creator, and responds to His blessings with disobedience, it distances itself from the Most Merciful. When injustice takes over, standards of truth and false obliterated the line of demarcation between vice and virtue, right and wrong erased, Allah (SWT) would send his chosen messenger to guide humanity to the right path, a messenger who would take them out of the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. This golden chain of messengers starts from Adam (AS) and reaches its culmination with Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAAW).
The role of a messenger is neither that of a dictator who forcibly makes the masses submit to his will, where the inborn faculty of choice and will of mankind is doomed, nor of someone who puts himself at the upper  rung of the social hierarchy, nor of a democrat whose own individuality is sacrificed for the lust of power. The fate of mankind here is reduced to those of puppets where every movement is subservient to their master. The position of the messenger among humans is more as that of a teacher whose sole aim in life is to guide his fellow beings and makes them realise the purpose of life. He is more than a father, whose days and nights are spent towards the welfare of his wards. He hosts love, as that of a mother who feels utmost pain for her children and grows immensely anxious on finding them taking wrong paths. He feels delighted by denouncing all imperial, democratic or honourable titles by proclaiming “I am a simple warner”.
He desperately feels restlessness about the welfare of humanity in this world and the world to come. He tenders no protest when mocked at, he offers illustrious patience when stern opposition is launched against him. His sole concern is to see humanity attaining the heights of success by submitting to their creator. He receives slander, faces hardships, false accusations, endures censure with a smiling face and exhibits exemplary tolerance when unspoken pain and incessant wrath is inflicted on him. His noble heart gushes with benedictions and his blessed lips say prayers: “O Allah! Guide my people as they don’t have the knowledge”.
Allah (SWT) ordained his will, to guide humanity, upon him at the ripe age of forty. Day in and day out, he leaves no stone unturned in delivering the last message of Allah (SWT) to  mankind and exerts efforts to guide and reform humanity. No sooner did he proclaim to be chosen by Allah (SWT) for guiding mankind, inexpressible persecution and torture is inflicted upon him, though he is the same man whose upright and lofty character of forty years earns him the title of Alsaadiq (truthful) and his unblemished youth fetches him the honour of Alamin (trustworthy). Everyone in Mecca would respect this noble hearted man who came to be known as Sayyiduna Muhammmad (SAW). Who knew that the humble steps of his blessed feet would put an indomitable impression on the pages of human history and his sincere call to Allah (SWT) in the barren deserts of Arabia will reverberate till the last day to come, hosting billions of people across centuries under his fold.
His truthful message faces staunch opposition. He is fully devoted to promulgate the message of Allah (SWT) to humanity, but the more he ventures to promote his mission, more sufferings come his way. But whoever comes across his call and mission, becomes a pledged devotee. He infuses new life into the sterile and barren hearts of mankind. Whoever resolves by conviction to be his sincere adherent is put to the same task. Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAW) is subjected to severe torture and humiliation. Mother Ayesha (RA) narrates that Rasul-al-Allah (SAW) told her “Nobody has been ever tortured so severely than me in the way of truth”. For long nine years, after his claiming to be chosen by Allah (SWT) for mankind, there was an uninterrupted deluge of cruelties inflicted on him and those who came to profess the ultimate truth. Instead of walking with the tide, he went against it as he was to change the course of history. Therefore, very few would first dare to accompany him.
When the flow of society takes a fixed shape it is almost impossible to go against it. Those bravehearts who convincingly call a spade a spade are easily made outcasts. A well-known proverb, “in an age of ignorance, awareness is itself a crime” befits these situations. Apart from a few brave and courageous souls who dared to face come what may and embraced Islam, Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAW) was shielded by his sympathetic uncle Abu Talib. Though Abu Talib did not embrace Islam till he breathed his last, his unflinching support used to provide the Prophet (SAW) comfort and courage to carry on his mission. When the wrong-doers of Mecca grew more and more furious about his noble teachings, they approached Abu Talib to try and desist his nephew from promoting Islam. Abu Talib had an immense love for his nephew and would not allow any untoward incident to befall his beloved. So he called upon Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAW) and advised him with parental love not to propagate what goes against the material and lustful wishes of his opponents.
Sayyiduna Muhammad (SAW) in the first instance thought that Abu Talib was withdrawing his support, thereupon his blessed eyes burst into tears, but he unequivocally declared his stance: “If they place the sun in my right hand and the moon in the left, Muhammad (SAW) will never give up calling people to the truth”. After this, Abu Talib extended his support to carry the mission of truth forward.

— (To be concluded) 

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