Court says humans obliged to treat animals with love

NEW DELHI: Humans are morally responsible for treating animals with love, care and affection, a Delhi court has observed while pulling up an animal welfare centre linked to Union Minister Maneka Gandhi for not properly treating injured oxen lodged there.
Metropolitan Magistrate Abhilash Malhotra observed that animal welfare institutions are expected to not only ensure good health of animals but also provide congenial and affable environment for them.
“With population explosion, the habitat of animals has shrunk. Because of loss of vegetation and habitat, dependence of animals on humans have increased. Humans are not only statutorily but also morally responsible to treat the animals with love, care and affection.
“The animal care institutions are specialised agencies dealing with the welfare of animals. From these institutions not only the good health of animals is expected but congenial and affable environment is expected,” the magistrate said.
The court, while referring to the report submitted by the animal care centre regarding the status of injured oxen which were seized by the Delhi Police, said, “unfortunately the report shows the opposite picture.”
“In the present case despite being lodged in Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center for more than six months, the remaining animals are still suffering from injuries and weakness,” it said, while directing the centre to shift the oxen to another ‘goshala’ (cow care centre) for better care.

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