CRPF teargas mayhem in Kupwara village: Eyesight of 2 men in danger

CRPF teargas mayhem in Kupwara village: Eyesight of 2 men in danger

Srinagar: The disproportionate use of force by army and police in Kupwara not only killed five people during the past six days but also caused grievous injuries to many youngsters.
The family of Danish Mir of Draigam, Bunpora, who is being treated at the SMHS Hospital, is readying for taking him outside the state for specialised treatment after doctors said he may lose eyesight.
Three days ago, when people were protesting against the killing of three persons in Handwara on Tuesday, CRPF troopers fired a teargas shell at Danish.
“They targeted me directly. I have splinters in my right eye,” he said.
Another critically wounded youngster, Mansoor Ahmad, has been discharged from this hospital because his family wanted to take him outside the state for treatment. He has suffered grievous a injury in his left eye and the chances of it retaining sight are bleak, said a relative of Mansoor who had come to SMHS Hospital to collect his medical reports.
The silence in a ward in SMHS Hospital is broken occasionally by the wails of the victims of CRPF and police firing. They requested not to be photographed as they feared persecution by police.
Yawer Rasheed, a 28-year-old carpenter, was hit by a flash grenade. He has suffered burn wounds in face, arms, elbows and chest.
Recounting the incident, Rasheed said, “I was in the courtyard of my home at Draigam on Friday. Everything was normal. Suddenly some CRPF vehicles appeared and started firing teargas shells inside houses. I was hit in my head and don’t know what happened afterwards. I regained consciousness in this hospital,” Rasheed said.
Rasheed’s attendant, who doesn’t want to be named, said the government forces went berserk, broke window panes, doors and entry gates of the most houses in the village.
“There was chaos in the village and more than 40 persons were hit. The worst part is that the forces did not allow people to carry injured persons to nearby hospitals,” he said.
Sajad Ahmad, 24, is a resident of Poshpora, Kupwara. A teargas canister broke his left femur bone. Poshpora is a village in the neighbourhood of Draigam.
“CRPF vehicles entered the village and fired shells without any reason,” Ahmad said.
“Most of the wounded persons from Kupwara and other areas have been hit by teargas shells during the past few days. Some of them have been advised to go outside for treatment,” a doctor at SMHS told Kashmir Reader.

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  1. Riyaz Ahmed   April 18, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Trehgam not draigam….plz correct

  2. Reader Correspondent   April 19, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    @Riyaz Ahmed

    Trehgam and Draigam are two different villages as per the victims who spoke to Kashmir Reader.


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