Making sense of CM’s official statement

Making sense of CM’s official statement

Chief minister Mehbooba Mufti went to Kupwara to assess the situation and she also met family members of some of the victims of army and police firing. Here is what an official spokesman said about her visit and what KR thinks about it.

Civilian killings unacceptable, says Mehbooba
Makes no sense. Civilian killings are always unacceptable. They happened a lot of times during your father’s stints and during the long rule of your rivals. Both the government led by your party and that of your rivals instituted inquiries and nothing came out of them. Saying civilian killings are unacceptable is not even a good sound bite.

Mehbooba Mufti made it clear that no civilian should come in the harms’ way while dealing with law-and-order situations
You said the same thing when three persons were killed in Handwara but a poor labourer was killed the next day when a teargas shell was aimed at his head. Can you tell us where the hell in the world has a protester been killed with teargas shell? Isn’t it only in Kashmir that many have died after being hit in the head by teargas shells?

She said she had a telephonic conversation with defence minister Manohar Parrikar, late last evening and also met army commander Lt. Gen. D. S. Hooda and told them that incidents like the ones at Handwara and Natnusa are unacceptable and come as a major setback to the efforts of the state government in consolidating peace dividends in the state
You had called Parrikar and the army commander on the day Handwara killings occurred. But two more were killed in the days that followed. What does your telephonic conversations and telling them these incidents are unacceptable amount to? Aren’t you only exposing the hollowness of the chief minister’s chair in Kashmir?

I have told Gen. Hooda to exercise maximum restraint while dealing with law-and-order situations
They didn’t exercise maximum restraint as you yourself noticed. Now what?

Defence minister has assured her of time-bound investigation into the unfortunate incidents that led to the death of civilians during protests at Handwara and Natnusa so that exemplary punishment is given to those found guilty

These killings don’t seem so unfortunate to the killers. For every death that has occurred, army and police have already issued justifications and exoneration. It seems naïve of you to expect a fair investigation into these killings when the police and army didn’t care for the rights of a minor girl and released her video that gives them a clean chit.

The CM said the Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) should not remain a mere word but become a potent tool while dealing with law-and-order situations
It never became a ‘potent tool’ because you wouldn’t be insisting on adhering to SoP if it had not been violated so often.

2 Responses to "Making sense of CM’s official statement"

  1. Maqsood Shahdad   April 17, 2016 at 6:59 am

    No Government under Indian occupation can ensure no violation of Human Rights here and protection of fundamental rights of the oppressed people . Statements are just cosmetic and an eye wash

  2. Manish   April 18, 2016 at 8:22 am

    I think you just need reason to make a mess out of normal routine life, and you don’t really care about the girl, after the girl cleared that army was no involved at all, how do you justify the riot? yes, i used Riot, because without a reason, that’s what it is, Hooliganism,


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