Mehbooba on killings when out of power

Feb 2009
On killing of two people in Bomai, Sopore
The government should immediately withdraw FIRs registered in fabricated cases against the residents or be ready to face public wrath. The government had let loose a reign of repression to stifle the voices seeking justice through peaceful protests. If the government didn’t withdraw the FIRs against the locals, PDP would join the mass protests to seek justice for the people of the area.

March 2013
in assembly
Whenever an innocent is killed you promise quick action and punishment to the guilty which never happened. You (Omar Abdullah) are on record to have said in Anantnag Dak Bunglow when two youth were killed by the police that the guilty will be brought to book within 24 hours, did it ever happen? Had the CM stood by his word, a message would have gone to the army that if he (CM) can punish his people (policemen) he can even deal with the army. You killed 120 people in 2010 and now you believe that the slab will be restricted to 10 or 12 killings by imposing curfew, by snapping internet and SMS services, by gagging media and news channels. Hundreds of youth are jailed just because you believe that if they come out they might pelt stones.
Had the guilty police and security personnel involved in killing of 120 people in 2010 unrest been brought to book the situation would have been different and the security personnel would not have dared to kill a person without any provocation.

June 2010
to BBC, after Machil fake encounter killing
There are hardliners in the Indian Army and intelligence agencies, as there are in Pakistan, who think that by raising the bogey of infiltration and gun battles near the border they can create terror among people and also put pressure on Pakistan

Oct 2013
in the aftermath of Kishtwar riots
We have to decide whether we will behave like a colony or should we work for the people here. It is a matter of accountability, if under the pressure of the BJP and others in New Delhi the government made a minister resign for Kishtwar violence why can’t the same accountability be displayed in the cases like Gool incident and 2010 killings of youth in the state

July 2014
on the killing of a youth in Khudwani, Kulgam by the government forces during a pro-Palestine protest
The government must deal with the situation with care, caution and consideration so as to prevent an escalation which could lead to an unfortunate situation like the one that consumed 120 precious lives in 2010. We would never want the society to get entrapped once again in similar circle of avoidable violence.

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