Harassment of Kashmiri Students:  Protests held at Lal Chowk, varsity

Srinagar: Police have detained JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik during a nocturnal raid on his Maisuma residence in Srinagar to foil his plans to hold a protest demonstration against the attacks on Kashmiri students in educational institutions outside Kashmir.
A JKLF spokesman said Malik was suffering from fever and cold at the time of his detention.
However, the JKLF organised the proposed protest march at Lal Chowk area. The spokesman said that chanting slogans against attacks on Kashmiri students in India, desecration of graveyards, slapping PSA on innocent youth and other oppressive measures, the marchers were intercepted by police and paramilitary troopers at Budshah Chowk and several activists were detained.
JKLF vice-chairman Bashir Ahmad Bhat condemned the police action. He said Kashmiri students were being beaten up, harassed and intimidated in India.
“Kashmiri youth suffer from routine cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and torture at the hands of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir and now they are under siege in India as well,” he said.
A solidarity march was held at the University of Kashmir for Kashmiri students studying in various institutions in India.
More than 300 students assembled outside the humanities block at the varsity. They tried to march towards the NIT but were stopped by university officials.
The students, however, continued the protest for several hours shouting anti-India, pro-freedom and pro-Pakistan slogans.
The students also staged a sit-in outside the Vice-Chancellor secretariat and shouted ‘Bandh karo band karo, NIT drama bandh karo’, ‘Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan’.
The protesters said officials from the Proctor’s office snatched the placards, seized their identity cards, misbehaved with female students and were warned of ‘conse quences’ if they do not disperse immediately.
“I was told by a senior official that our careers would be destroyed,” said a protester.
“It is a shame that the government is silent on the attacks on Kashmiri students. They are worried only about non-locals students at the NIT despite knowing how they vandalised the college property,” another student said.

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