Drought-hit Latur faces a rise in kidney stone cases

MUMBAI: In drought-hit Latur, battling severe drought for the last three years, a significant rise in kidney stone and urinary tract infection cases due to consumption of bore well water has been witnessed.
“The administration is supplying water through tankers. This water is not pure and is contaminated. Due to lack of surface water people are forced to drink water from borewells,” urologist Dr Hansraj Baheti of Latur told PTI.
“This water contains very high level of salts, calcium and oxalates. These salts make the water hard and people are more prone to kidney stone formation,” Baheti said.
“In addition, people are facing scorching heat which is causing de-hydration. This situation has given rise to many problems and led to serious health hazards like increase in urinary stones and urinary tract infections,” he said.
“If compared with last year, the number of patients suffering by kidney stone disease have increased by more than two-folds this year,” Baheti added.
“It is found that women and children are mainly the victims. Not only Latur district, but even the adjacent areas like Kej, Ambajogai, Majalgaon, Parli, Omerga, and Osmanabad are also suffering the same situation,” Baheti said.
According to the doctor, there are still two months to go for monsoon and this condition is bound to become graver.

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