NIT Row/ graveyard desecration: Azadi camp calls for shutdown on Tuesday, BJP fuels fire with its flag march

SRINAGAR: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik called for a shutdown on Tuesday against the harassment of Kashmiri students in various parts of India and desecration of the martyrs’ graveyard, allegedly by the government forces, in Pulwama.
Malik told reporters that JKLF will hold a sit-in protest at Lal Chowk on Monday against harassment and beating of Kashmiri students outside the state and “Indian hooliganism in Kashmir”.
“Beating, harassment, bullying of Kashmiri students in Indian institutions has become a routine. From Delhi to Mewar to Noida to Jodhpur, intimidation of Kashmiri students is on the rise and hooligans backed by the Indian state are hell bent on playing with careers of these students. While this state-sponsored terrorism is on, a drama is being staged at NIT Srinagar to hoodwink public opinion and divert attention from the oppression on Kashmiri students,” Malik said.
Malik lashed out at the Indian media for ignoring incidents of violence against Kashmiri students while “unleashing round-the-clock propaganda on NIT and spreading venom against Kashmiris”.
“On the one side Kashmiris are being oppressed and on the other some people are coming to invade Kashmir with their flags. Kashmiris have seen these gimmicks of flag hoisting in the past too. Murli Manohar Joshi had too visited Kashmir for the same. Indian has killed more than one Lakh Kashmiris but these brutalities never succeeded in erasing sentiment of freedom from our hearts. When killings, atrocities, oppression and suppression could not succeed in halting our march towards freedom how can these few jokers with flags achieve anything?” Malik added.
Malik said pro-freedom leadership of Kashmir has never interfered in issues concerning educational institutions of the state as “we don’t want to politicise education”.
“My question to Indian civil society, its political parties and media is when we didn’t interfere in such issues, who are you to communalise the NIT episode? This cannot but be termed as the moral and mental bankruptcy of these people,” he said.
“Remember, during 2008 agitation when Hindu chauvinists blockaded us we provided food and shelter to Amarnath Yatris and recent floods when we fed and rescued Indian tourists and Hindu brethren living here. Indian rulers, their Kashmiri stooges and Indian forces have stooped so low that they are now desecrating graves and graveyards,” Malik added.

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