Sedentary lifestyle major cause of Diabetics?

SRINAGAR: The Curofy application,the largest community of verified doctors in India, conducted a survey to find out the reason as to why India is called as the diabetic capital of the world. And interestingly, three out of 5, blamed ‘unruly lifestyle’ as the major cause of Diabetics.

On World Health day, the curofy chose diabetics as the theme, for they believe it’s a menace which needs to be tackled head on. A total of 1,617 doctors responded to questions to the causes of rise in diabetic cases in India and patients reaction to the treatment modalities. 58.8 percent of the total doctors attributed lifestyle prevalent in modern and competitive India the reason for the increase in Diabetic cases. Family history was considered as a Contributing factor by only 7.2 percent doctors.

Dr Surjeet Jha Director Endocrinology, Diabetics and obesity, Max Healthcare said, “I firmly believe “Dharti pe chalo aur Dharti ka khao”, meaning whatever comes from the farm is good anything processed has added sugar, added salt and added Maida for that matter Ramdev’s biscuits are processed and not up to the mark,” Surjeet further says, “Yes, it’s a life style problem. I would recommend 150 minutes per week walking and eating from the farm and also rely on fresh vegetables and fruits.”

To keep this menace in check, Blood sugar monitoring should be done regularly. According to a survey, 33.2 percent of the doctors feel that 40-60 percent of the patients check their vitals regularly, whereas 32.6 percent of the doctors feel that only 20-40 percent of their patients track their blood sugar regularly.

Mudit Vijayvergiya, co-founder curofy said, “We did the survey to understand the tag India has as the diabetic capital of the world. Lot of awareness is required not just for the patients, but also on part of doctors,”

Saying further, Mudit advice’s people to remain healthy as world sees India as the next superpower, “We are a young population, and world sees the next superpower in us. And to reach there we need to be a healthy nation first and overcome these roadblocks that can plague our way to the top.”

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