Now, get British visa from your home or office

British Visa

Mumbai: Getting visas for the UK has become convenient and applicants can now seek the document from the comfort of their homes or offices.

VFS Global, in partnership with UK Visas, today launched ‘On Demand Mobile Visa’ service for applicants in India.

Through this service, applicants located anywhere in India and applying for visas to the UK, can complete the relevant application and enrol biometric data from their homes or offices, VFS Global said in a release here.

VFS Global is an outsourcing and technology services firm that handles visa issuance job for several countries.

The on-demand service can be delivered on request at the applicant’s residence, office, or any location of their choice (subject to risk assessment).

The service is mainly aimed at large groups of people travelling to the UK such as corporate employees or film production unit members, who do not wish to travel to visa application centres for this purpose.

The service is available by appointment only – on a day of choice, including weekends, and charged separately.

VFS Global has also launched ‘Home to Home (H2H)’ a personalised facility that provides chauffeur services and end-to-end assistance with form-filling and submission for UK visa applicants.

This is specifically aimed at out-of-town applicants, who may have to travel to certain cities for their visa application.

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