HRD ministry shouldn’t have intervened in NIT: Kashmir lawyers’ body

Srinagar: Kashmir High Court Bar Association on Thursday denounced “hooliganism” of non-Kashmiri students at NIT Srinagar even as it said that Indian HRD ministry should not have intervened in the matter.

“The Bar Association feels that the Government of India, which is at present being led by BJP and its HRD Ministry, should not have intervened in the matter. Instead it should have left the matter to the NIT authorities and its students, as both Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri students are reading in the institute and every day and are sharing the classes together. They are living in the hostel together and they are taught by one and the same faculty,” a spokesman of the lawyers’ body said here.

The spokesman said that the students have to appear in the examinations together and they have to fill up their forms and collect their degrees, together.

“They, therefore, know it best how to maintain cordial relations with each other, without being dictated or interfered with by any outside authority,” the spokesman added.

The lawyers’ body also denounced the “hooliganism” of non-Kashmiri students of NIT Srinagar, who have not only beaten Kashmiri students and the staffers of the institute on a ‘trifle’ issue.

“They after blowing it out of proportion have demanded and have succeeded in getting J&K Police replaced by the Central Forces in the campus. These students who are numbering more than 2000 in comparison to 500 students of Kashmir, are also now demanding the shifting of NIT, outside the valley and also hoisting of Indian flag permanently near NIT entrance,” the spokesman said. The KHCBA said that these more than 2000 non-Kashmiri students of NIT, who have outnumbered the Kashmiri students, should have concentrated on their studies, rather than engaging themselves in strikes, at the “behest of RSS-BJP combine, who are hell-bent to vitiate the atmosphere in the university for their political gains, as has successfully been done by them, in the recent past at Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata University Campuses.”

The KHCBA also strongly condemns the suspension of 16 JK students from Mewar University Rajasthan, till April 25 where after they are required to get their parents and guardians with them, to appear before the university authorities and put across their stand, so that the university authorities, will take a final decision in the matter, which may even include, their expulsion from the university.

“The Bar Association, terms the decision of the Mewar University authorities, barbaric and inhuman, as the same is going to spoil the academic career of these 16 students, for none of their faults,” the spokesman said.

The lawyers’ body also feels that before taking the decision of suspending these 16 students or asking them to get their parents and guardians to the university on April 25. The University authorities should have afforded an opportunity of being heard to these 16 students and after considering their explanation take a compassionate view of the matter, keeping in view the academic career of these students.

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  1. vijay   April 8, 2016 at 11:55 am

    In my View “Kashmir High Court Bar Association” shouldnt have given his speech regarding this . it may provoke Jammu Bar association as well. kashmiri peoples are at liberty to chant pak slogans in kashmir but not outside State . No body will tolerate this in other part of India . HRD ministry is responsible for securty for both students ( you should keep it in mind) . Dont make mess out of this.


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