PDP opposes proposed firing range at Kashmir’s Tragbal

Bandipora: The People’s Democratic Party has strongly opposed setting up of an army firing range at Tragbal meadow in this district saying “shifting firing range to the area will kill its unique natural beauty and may prove devastating due to its topography”.
“We are aware of the Tosa Maidan and its exploitation form last fifty years. After much outrage it was freed from the army. Are we letting our people to suffer for another fifty years here?” he said.

The PDP leader issued the statement on the day Kashmir Reader carried a story on the army’s proposed move of setting up an artillery firing range in lieu of the Tosa Maidan range. The move has evoked outrage on the social media.A Facebook page titled ‘Save Tragbal’ has been created to generate awareness and support against the setting up of the firing range in Tragbal meadows, known for its rich variety of flora and fauna.
Sheikh said that Kishanganga Power project has already hampered the bio-diversity of Bandipora district.