Khrew cement units lose Rs 50 crore due to stalemate between 2 truckers’ unions

Srinagar: The shutdown of four cement manufacturing units from past 47-days in Khrew due to standoff between two truckers’ unions has resulted in a collective loss of Rs 40-50 crore to these units.
The four cement manufacturing units — Maxx, Arco, ICC and Cemtac – located in Khrew area of Pulwama district have to stop production after a standoff erupted between two trucker unions – Alkhudam and Zafraan – over getting exclusive right to work for Maxx and Arco Cement.
Alkhudam trucker union claims that court has granted them the right to work entirely for Maxx and Arco Cement. However, Zafraan trucker union says the court order was incomplete, and thus denied Alkhudam any chance to work entirely for Maxx and Arco. This started the tussle between the two unions, which ultimately resulted in the closure of production in four cement manufacturing units. Both trucker unions are on strike since then.
Managing director Arco Cement Javaid Ahmad Anim said the standoff between the trucker unions has to end for resuming production in the four cement manufacturing units.
“Till now, these cement units lost approximately Rs 40-50 crore. Tussle between the trucker unions has to end, otherwise it may damage the brand value of these cements units,” he added.
Managing director Maxx Cement, Waseem Trumboo said the closure of the four cement units has hit the whole chain of business including dealers, retailers and shopkeepers. He, however, denied any probability of other cement manufacturing units secretly funding the two unions to keep the tussle alive.
President of AlKhuddam Truck-Tipper Union Muhammad Maqbool Lone told Kashmir Reader that the matter was brought into the notice of Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, who has ordered dissolution of both the trucker unions and had directed the district administration to operate the trucks. “But the directive could not resolve the issue as both the unions have refused to adhere to the directive of Divisional Commissioner,” he said.
Members of Zafraan union, meanwhile, said they will work for Arco and Maxx units “at any cost”.