Challenging “unemployment’

Challenging “unemployment’

By Syed Irtiqa Kaushfi

Nothing can be more de-motivating and discouraging than being educated but unemployed. When in spite of being educated, one has to knock every known door to get oneself hired or recruited but still fail in doing so owing to less or no vacancy, what good can one aspire for future? How would one strike a balance between needs and earn basic livelihood? Not to talk of the luxuries one often dreams of, during his/her college life, an educated but unemployed person constantly strives and struggles hard to find any possible chance to earn sustenance. The tag of educated but unemployed hinders one’s creativity and productivity. The decision making capability of such individual also gets extremely difficult. An educated but unemployed person often finds himself or herself in a sort of dilemma. He/she hardly responds aptly to any situation thereby showing clear signs of how anxious and apprehensive one is about his/her future.
Unemployment also has its effect on one’s psyche often leaving the affected person feeling disheartened and dismayed. This curse of unemployment gets even more painful when the expectations that others have with the concerned person are not met. This usually hits the confidence level and makes the journey towards being employed more stiff and difficult. It further gives rise to the feelings of hopelessness, desperation and despondency. Unemployment has become a serious problem that the youth are facing. Ironically it has rendered several bright minds useless and has given rise to a sense of helplessness which no one is yet able to adequately address.
Almost everyone goes through the drastic phase of being unemployed where he or she is tested for patience and perseverance. Not all but a few are able to keep themselves going by adjusting the way circumstances demand them to be. To come out of this challenging period is not a big deal for a truly determined person. In today’s world there are ample avenues with potential of providing the much needed early breakthrough in one’s career. The only thing that is needed is to have proper planning backed with sincere efforts. Sticking to government services has become a tale of the past. Today there is a vast scope for jobs being offered by private firms. Not only they provide a good source of employment but they also help many in realising their dreams by helping them financially as well as assisting them through research and developmental works.
One needs to keep a close vigil on different sources of employment and apply wherever the requisite qualification is met. Failing is not the end of the journey but the real passage towards excellence start from there, which could not be crossed without hurdles. It is these hurdles that prepare one to face any kind of adversity boldly. They shape ones future and act as a stepping stones to success which all have to pass through.
As they say, “The only person that has the power to stop you from achieving success is you yourself”. This necessitates that personal efforts are the main contributors of one’s success. If one inclines his thinking in such a way that consistently uplifts his confidence and morale in the event of setbacks and keeps him going, then nothing can stop that individual from achieving his dream destination.
It is a natural phenomenon that when one doesn’t get the desired results, he or she gets de-motivated and often takes a useless or disastrous step only to regret later. This is the time when effective counseling of some elders might help. That person should be encouraged and given moral support by family and friends. The feelings of optimism should be generated and inculcated to help that individual withstand.
One should remember that hard work never goes waste and pays in the end. Ultimately, things turn around in ones favour. Till then one needs to bear the harsh reality of life without succumbing to pressure. Nations progress only when its citizens get fair chance to earn and contribute towards its development.

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