Workshop on “Translation of vernacular languages into English” concludes at KU

SRINAGAR: A three day seminar-cum-workshop titled “Translation of Vernacular Languages into English”—organised by the department of English, University of Kashmir concluded on Friday at Gandhi Bhawan here.
According to a statement, the workshop got an immense response from the students, scholars and the other faculty members of the varsity and other colleges.
While addressing the gathering of scholars and students Prof GR Malik stressed on the continuous efforts in the direction of translating Kashmiri and Urdu literature into English. “Seminars and workshops should not be an end, and the work should continue out of the seminars halls too,” he said
Prof Neerja Mattoo said she was happy to see the enthusiasm of the younger generation towards translating Kashmiri literature into English. “I am overwhelmed with the response and has to be some sustained work of translation,” she said. Head, department of English, Prof Hameeda Nayeem said the department is planning to do some work ahead in this direction and informed the gathering that it is going to start a full-fledged monthly program for translation. “I feel encouraged by the response, and we are planning to launch a full packaged 6 days course, which will include translation and other skills,” she said.
The works of: Amin Kamil, Akbar Allahabadi, Allama Iqbal, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, Shafi Shauq and many others were translated during the workshop.