18 teachers absent from classes suspended

SRINAGAR: Reflecting the disinterest of teachers of government run schools, Director School Education Kashmir on Friday made an inspection to Government Girls School Bemina and found all teachers absent from their classrooms.
Director Shah Faesal said a team of officials visited a Bemina Girls school on Friday morning and found all 18 teachers absent from their classes. Calling the school as one of the dirtiest schools in Kashmir with garbage littered all over, he said one to ten, all classes were vacant and all teachers were sitting in the staff room.
The Director stated that class 4 and 5 children could not even write ‘twenty five divided by four’ not to speak of solving it. “My heart cried. I refuse to believe that in a time when we are talking so much about reform, teachers continue to be indifferent and callous. Is education department only for teachers, for transfers and postings, for salaries and promotions? Is our conscience dead, is there no shame left in us, someone help me find answers,” he said.
The Director informed that all 18 teachers have been put under suspension and will be given salary only after the discipline and learning levels of these children from poor families improve.