PUDR demands end to witch-hunt of Kashmiri students

Srinagar: Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) has expressed its outrage against the harassment and arrest of Kashmiri students in various parts of India and demanded an immediate end to this practice.
In a statement, PUDR showed its resentment against arrest and surveillance of Kashmiri students in Mewar University, Rajasthan and other Indian states.
Kashmiri students were attacked by a mob on March 14 this year in Mewar University of Raajasthan when rumours were spread on social networking sites that the inmates of the hostel here were cooking beef. However, it was proved later that the students were cooking mutton and not beef.
“Nevertheless they were charged under Sec 151 CrPC for disrupting peace, kept in a police station overnight and produced before the magistrate on the 16th March. They have alleged that they were made to sign a good conduct undertaking before being released on bail,” PUDR statement added.
PUDR said that the police has taken no action against the mob that beat up the boys despite activists of the Bajrang Dal openly declaring that they had led the mob. “The only action taken by the police was to register a case against one person under Sec 108 CrPC for circulating a false message,” it said.
Referring to the surveillance and harassment of Kashmiri students in Kolkatta, PUDR said that there are blatant instances of ethnic profiling which violate the most fundamental rights of freedom and equality.
“The upshot is that Kashmiri students, who come to educational institutions to study (quite often on government programmes), or in search of work, are being systematically hounded and made to live in a climate of fear and insecurity,” the statement added.
PUDR has demanded immediate end to witch-hunt of Kashmiri students.