‘Srinagar may soon be TB free district’

Srinagar: District Tuberculosis Officer on Wednesday said under the ‘Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme’, Srinagar district may soon be a TB free district.
“Under the programme, with the advent of effective drugs, modern technology, and the programme management techniques, the recent decline of the disease prevalence and mortality is evident,” he said in a press briefing on Wednesday.
At present, Srinagar has 4 tuberculosis units, 15 designated microscopy centres, 24 collection centres besides having more than 170 DOT Centres where patients are being attended and treated regularly. Besides, CBNAAT facility is also present at SDTC Srinagar for such patients under the said programme.
“Programme is also expanding collaborative activities to address co-morbidities like associated HIV, diabetes, smoking,” he added.
Since its inception, RNTCP has diagnosed and treated more than 17.4 million TB cases and 3.1 million additional lives have been saved. In lines with the Millennium Development Goals(MDG’s), TB prevalence has been reduced from 465 lac/ year in 1990 to 211 lac/year in 2013 and incidences of TB has come down from 216 lac/ year in 1990 to 171 lac/ year in 2013 and mortality from 38 lac/ year in 1990 to 19 lac/ year in 2013.