Chattisinghpora anniversary: No probe into carnage ‘creates doubts’ in minds of villagers

Chattisinghpora anniversary: No probe into carnage ‘creates doubts’ in minds of villagers

CHATTISINGHPORA: People of Chattisinghpora village, where 35 Sikhs were massacred by yet-to-be-identified uniformed men on the night of 20 March 2000, say that government of India’s reluctance to investigate the carnage has created doubts in their minds.
The villagers have been organising a remembrance meeting every year since in memory of the victims.
Arvind Singh, whose father Naseeb Singh fell to the killers’ bullets that day, told Kashmir Reader, “It has been 16 years. The government of India has not bothered to investigate into the carnage. What stops them from investigating is something that creates doubts in our minds.”
“But we won’t forget. We have been organising remembrance meeting every year for our martyrs so that we remind the people at the helm that we have not forgotten our loved ones,” said Arvind, who is secretary of the local Gurudwara.
Gagandeep Singh was nine years old in 2000. He said that after Chattisinghpora massacre, the successive governments in the state have ordered investigations into many incidents involving killings of innocent civilians.
“But why they did not bother to probe this massacre is not only painful but doubtful as well,” said Gagandeep, whose father, uncle and three other relatives were shot dead by the killers.
“Though I was a child, the horrors of the day refuse to go away from my memory,” he says.
Secretary of the local Gurduwara, Arwind Singh said that not ordering the probe into the massacre has created doubts into their minds.

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  1. Ahmer   March 21, 2016 at 2:08 am

    Hasn’t it aleady been established that the terror outfit Army was responsible for this dastradly crime?


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