Stress behind rise in Coronary problems in Kashmir

Stress behind rise in Coronary problems in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Stressful life is pushing people in Kashmir towards coronary disorders, a study has revealed.
A study carried out in a Anantnag and Srinagar districts of Kashmir reveals that people here have experienced a higher rate of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) due to an unusual exposure to stressful living conditions for years. The study found that prevalence rate of CHD among the population studied was 7.54 percent. The overall rural population prevalence was 6.70 percent and urban prevalence was at 8.37 percent. The proportion of male patients was slightly higher at 7.88 percent than female at 6.63 percent.
In a health talk held at a local hotel and aimed at spreading awareness about heart diseases,  Dr T S Kler, a Padma Bushan recipient and Executive Director, Cardiology Science at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute said that people in Kashmir are exposed to higher levels of stress and this was main cause behind prevalence of high CHD in the Valley. Kler said that there are three kinds of heart disorders which are prevalent in valley.  He said that adulterated seeds of mustard oil was one of the main causes of heart diseases in Kashmir.
Advising people not to take sore throat in children casually, Dr Kler said that children should be taken for a medical checkup.  He advised proper treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension adding that people should do regular exercises to maintain good health.

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  1. BRIAN MAGRATH   March 20, 2016 at 7:39 am

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    Preventatism is a well-tried and used defence or surge guard, for use whenever those IDs threaten a person’s health. Preventatism was developed over four decades ago, and has proved itself to be worthy and workable, and highly effective for its purpose.
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