Streets of Lane 4, Iqbalabad Bemina colony inundated

SRINAGAR: The residents of Lane 4, Iqbalabad, Bemina, expressed anger over water-logging in the area, blaming the authorities for not ensuring a proper drainage system in the flood-prone locality.
The residents of the colony said the area was without a proper drainage system.
“Overnight rains turned our colony into a lake. Except our colony, all other adjacent colonies have proper drainage facilities,” a resident said.
He said their repeated pleas to authorities have yielded no fruits.
“They always say they have no funds to provide the colony with a drainage system,” he said.
“The streets here have turned into streams. People aren’t even able to step outside their homes.”
The resident said they cannot send their children to schools due to water logging in the locality. They appealed the divisional commissioner, Kashmir, to take note of the situation.