India vs Pakistan: Chicken, Kebab on stake for fans

SRINAGAR: Cricket enthusiasts around the globe are known for the novel ideas of celebrating their favourite team’s success. The valley fans too have come up with an innovative betting style. Yes, no money but chicken and Kebab.


The India and Pakistan encounter will not only witness the records being broken but also the suspension and excitement. And with it comes celebration along with delicacy.
It’s not the money that is on the stake during a bet. This time it is for Tandoori chicken, Kebab, fish grills while the most preferable is sharing road side barbecues.
While most of fans in Kashmir will cheer for Pakistan, but it will be interesting to watch who wins the bet.
It is big match and we too are thinking of betting on the outcome,” said Ashiq Ahamed who has put his bet on Pakistan win.
“Me and my opponent are going out for barbeque at Bohri Kadal.”
“If Pakistan wins he will pay and if India wins I will have to pay, but delicacy will be shared.
We usually bet on important matches, but this time the scale is on a higher side.
Mudasir Ahmad Shah 19 feels that track records for Pakistan India matches in world cups is not good for having a bet on match outcome so it is better to bet on player performances.
Me and my friend have put bets on two players from either side.
“One is Virat Kholi and other is Mohammad Aamir,” he said adding that their bet is based on set performance of these we have agreed upon.
And his bet is worth a tandoori chicken scheduled at a restaurant at Hawal.
About the rules of this betting they say that it is governed by unwritten rules and there are no frequent devotions from the set bets.
There can be a scale up of what we may eat out, but there is no decrease on the set bet.
Many youngsters say that the trend is also witnessed in other districts where youngsters bet are on having some special food outings after matches.
Now all depends on whether at Kolkatat to make these bets materialize into food outings.

Iqbal Lone is an intern with Kashmir Reader.