Artisans decry Govt for failing to revive Pashmina industry

SRINAGAR: Artisans associated with Kashmir’s Pashmina industry have accused the government of failing to revive the glory of the industry, as “no concrete measures were taken to save the industry from falling into ruins”.
The artisans appeal Governor NN Vohra to enact 1985 Protection of Handlooms Act in the state, which, they said, is already in force in different states. Enactment and implementation of the Act can protect, preserve and maintain the purity and originality of the handicraft products, said the artisans. .
Ahtisham Hussain, General Secretary Kashmir Pashmina Karigar Union told Kashmir Reader: “Handloom Act is in place all over India, but the Act is yet to be enacted here, which has given rise to severe problems in the state”.
He said the failure of the enactment 1985 Protection of Handlooms Act has led the virtually closure of Kashmir’s Pashmina industry. “The use of power-looms have not only given rise to unemployment in the state, but also led to degradation in quality, purity of the products, which ultimately has resulted in disrepute our products all-over the world,” Hussain added.
He alleged that the power-loom owners are using influence to avoid enactment of the law in Jammu and Kashmir.