We were a bit scared but all well now: Kashmiri students on

Jaipur: A day after they were arrested following rumours that they had cooked beef inside a university in Rajasthan’s Chhittorgarh district, the Kashmiri students today said they were a “bit scared” initially but the situation got better after police intervened.

“At that particular time, we were a bit of scared that a mob has arrived and we were confused… We had taken refuge in a room and early morning when we were handed over to the police and they took us to the custody and it was nothing, they were quite friendly,” one of the four students told the media.

Asked why the police took them to custody, he said “actually they (police) didn’t take us when the incident happened. We went to the Registrar’s office and they asked us which meat that was and from where we had bought this.

“They asked us to show the shop from where we bought it and they took us along with them and we remained in custody for around 26 hours and it was a quite friendly atmosphere,” the student said after their release.

He said there was nothing to be worried about and nothing to be scared of.

“It was surprising how it is possible to buy beef from here in a state where beef is banned,” said the student.

Four Kashmiri students — Shakib Ashraf, Hilal Farukh, Mohammad Makbool and Shaukat Ali — aged between 21 and 27 years, were arrested yesterday on charges of disturbing public peace following rumours that they had cooked beef in their hostel room in a private university in Chittorgarh district.

The incident occurred on Monday night when the rumour spread that the Kashmiri students were cooking beef in their hostel room.

Sample of the meat has been sent to the forensic laboratory for testing and the report is awaited, police had said, adding prima facie the meat wasn’t beef.