Surveillance, targeting of Kashmiri students

SRINAGAR: Pro-freedom group on Wednesday condemned the harassment of Kashmiri students in Kolkata and other parts of India, warning the government of India of strong reaction if the police profiling continues.
In a development that came to the fore on Tuesday, Kolkata police is asking all colleges in the city to give details of students hailing from Jammu and Kashmir. The direction has come in the wake of student protests at Jadavpur University against the arrest of JNU students in Delhi.
In a separate but concurrent development, a group of Kashmiri students have allegedly been attacked over eating beef at Mewar University in Chittorgarh of Rajasthan. The students were arrested on Wednesday.
Reacting to the developments, Hurriyat Conference (G) said Kashmiris will not ignore the risk faced by their children based in the Indian states.
“If the harassment of Kashmiri students does not stop forthwith and the government order is not revoked, it will have a strong reaction in Kashmir. We will not risk our children,” the conglomerate said in a statement issued here.
The conglomerate also criticised the administration’s response, saying the state administration’s intervention “is mere lip-service”.
“The government has several times talked about raising the issue of harassment of Kashmiris with New Delhi but there is no change on the ground as Kashmiris continue to face such treatment.”
“We condemn the state administration for failing to stop the continuous attacks and harassment of the Kashmiri students studying outside Jammu and Kashmir.”
The developments that have happened in Kolkata and Rajasthan reflect the “communal” and “prejudicial” thinking that has no “legal or moral” justifications, it said.
The chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Mohammad Yasin Malik, said the “intimidation” has once again reflected that Kashmiris “are not safe anywhere in India”.
“Persecution of Kashmiri students is like waging war against the nation of Kashmir and no Kashmiri will tolerate this state-sponsored intimidation.
“Terrorising Kashmiri students, businessmen, and others living in India states is not new, but since the JNU incident happened, this state-sponsored oppression has turned ugly, and Kashmiris, especially students, are being harassed, intimidated. The rulers are playing with their careers,” he said.
Malik said Kashmiris would have no option but to launch a full-fledged protest if the harassment wasn’t stopped. He asked the Kashmiris studying in the India states to concentrate on their studies, assuring them that the “nation of Kashmir is at their back”.
In his statement issued here, chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Shabir Ahmad Shah, said also warned New Delhi of “serious repercussions”.
“Students are our future and we will not let anyone play with their career. This approach of the Indian government, particularly after the JNU row, is dictatorial, inhuman, unlawful, and aimed at ruining the career of these students and making them feel insecure,” incarcerated Shah said.
“On one hand, Kashmiri youths are being subjected to suppressive policies with lethal weapons used against them at home, and on other side, our students studying outside the state are also targeted under various pretexts.”
Hurriyat Conference (M) said safeguarding the lives and careers of these Kashmiri students was the responsibility of the respective state governments.
“This extremist behaviour was casting a shadow in the way of acquiring education of these youth and affecting their careers, which is unfortunate and condemnable,” it said.