Indian army rescues policeman caught in snow

KUPWARA: Indian army on Monday said it rescued a policeman who was caught in about five-feet deep snow near Khooni Nallah in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.
As per army statement, on March 13 (Sunday), in late hours, army detachment at Nasta Chhun Pass rescued a police constable Arshad Mir who was caught in 4-5 feet deep snow near Khooni Nala about 4 Kms from Nasta Chhun Pass.
“Yesterday five locals of Tangdhar area decided to move on foot from Chowkibal towards Tangdhar as no local vehicle was plying due to the accumulation of snow along the route. Only four of them could manage to reach Nasta Chhun Pass. On reaching they informed the Army detachment, that the fifth person namely Arshad Mir could not make it as he was physically exhausted near Khooni Nala,” the statement said.
It said the avalanche rescue team at Nasta Chhun Pass immediately sprung to action despite heavy snowfall, snow blizzard, and zero visibility. “The team on reaching the incident site found Arshad Mir in a critical state and he had lost all hopes of survival. The team provided first aid and rescued him by carrying him on their back turn by turn and brought him safely at Nasta Chhun Pass. The medical aid was immediately rendered and he regained consciousness after couple of hours of treatment.”