India can never break our resolve: MDM

Srinagar: Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) on Saturday said the “use of force by Indian military and police” to crush people’s protests “won’t break our resolve”.
In a statement issued here, MDM general secretary, Muhammad Maqbool Bhat said, “Since last 65 years, India killed lakhs of people in Kashmir, thousands of women were raped and men disappeared but they didn’t succeed in crushing the sentiments of people which is evident through the participation of lakhs of people in the mujahedeen’s funerals.”
He said the stone-pelting and protest against forces at places of encounters shows that Kashmiris have “Azadi sentiments” in their hearts.
“If this is not enough for India to understand the ground reality of Kashmir, then it should gear itself for a fate like Russia in Afghanistan,” he said.